The Solution

The Solution

The ability to distinguish between friend and foe

Our Strategy:

We take advantage of the unique microenvironment within the tumor to induce CAR T cell activation. We utilize environmental signals to switch on the expression (and therefore activity) of the CAR exclusively in the tumor site.

Our Technology:

CTG aims to create a broadly applicable platform to enhance safety and efficacy of a variety of human CAR T therapies requiring regulation of CAR expression.

  • Rationally designed library of 65K different switches, for minimal immune response in healthy tissues and maximal expression of the CAR specifically in the tumor surroundings
  • Highly sensitive system integrating unique signals from the solid tumor microenvironment for the regulation of CAR expression
  • Ideal system for improved CAR T treatments with both autologous & allogeneic CAR T
  • First line of products: HER2-positive cancers